Why should Experienced Agents join my Team?


Do you consider yourself an experienced agent and yet struggle to achieve a breakthrough in your sales? Do you have:

– Stagnant sales?
– No system?
– No structure?
– Lack of guidance?
– Little training support?
– A feeling of being “lost” in the market?
– No listings to help you to achieve your success?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above, it is time to do something to change your situation and get out of the rut! In my team, Powerful Negotiators, we have created an environment for members to work, learn and share information and knowledge. We have also created a RealTime System for members to cobroke and share listings, and also to help members without any listings to get their career off the ground. Through this powerful system, everyone in the team has been empowered to achieve their desired sales figure!

Our team, Powerful Negotiators, has achieved the Champion Team Title in PropNex for the last consecutive 3 years and our team sales has grown from $10 Million in commissions in 2007 to $13 Million in 2008, $28 Million in 2009 and $38 Million in 2010.

For the year 2011, we have already achieved $38 Million as at end November 2011.

To ensure our continued engagement in the real estate industry, my wife, Janet Lim, and I have also been very much involved in work “on the ground” with our team. We have consistently achieved an annual gross commission of more than $1.1 Million and we were also the No.1 PropNex Champion Producers in 2009 and 2010.

When you join Powerful Negotiators, I will personally share with you the step-by-step strategies on how to move forward your career in real estate with our Proven RealTime System. Our team conducts training sessions every month and bases the training on current market conditions; as all of us fully understand that the market changes every now and then. It is therefore essential that we change our strategies to suit the market conditions. The sales results of our team in 2008 alone give proof that our team has consistently performed well even during negative market conditions such as during the downtime after the “boom years” of 2007.

For those who desire to build a team with us, I will be able to help you as I have successfully built 30 leaders to date.  Why was I able to build 30 leaders within such a short time frame of less than 6 years? The answer is “Leverage”. I believe in leveraging on each other’s strength and learning from one another. Building a team alone is not easy, therefore I strongly believe in leveraging. Through our RealTime System, our leaders and managers are able to leverage on the system to build their team without affecting their personal sales.


Many managers today are afraid to build a team. They are deterred by fears of lack of time to help the team, low initial overriding fees and inability to provide training due to time constraints etc.  Powerful Negotiators, our managers do not need to worry about these issues as all the trainings are provided by myself and the leaders. We have also created a system for all agents to leverage on, and set up an online forum for members to forward their queries to, without the need of asking their managers.

Our monthly training programs include:
1. 7 Sessions of Coaching
(Powerup Plus, PuP)
2. Power Of Sharing (POS)
3. PowerupBooster (PUB)
4. 4 Sessions of Coaching
(Secret Selling Techniques, SST)
5. Business Startup Program (BSP)

Our RealTime System and our culture of sharing and working as a team has helped many agents, managers and leaders to achieve their desired goals in the real estate industry. If you desire to see a breakthrough in your career, take the step to do something about it and join us!