Why should New Agents join my Team?


If you have just completed your Real Estate Salesperson (RES) course, or are considering entering the real estate industry, I would strongly encourage you to consider joining my team – Powerful Negotiators.

In this team, you will experience an environment where members work together, and learn and share information and knowledge. Besides the advantage of this constructive learning environment, you will also be able to draw on our RealTime System, a tool which has enabled our team members to achieve their desired sales figures.

Powerful Negotiators has been the No.1 Team in PropNex for the last 3 years, with team sales commissions achieved growing from $10 Million in 2007 to $13 Million in 2008, $28 Million in 2009, and $38 Million in 2010. For the year 2011 itself, we have already achieved $38 Million to date as at the end of November 2011. On a personal front, my sales together with my wife, Janet Lim, have grossed more than $1.1 Million every year and we were also the No.1 PropNex Champion Producers in 2009 and 2010.

When you join my team, I will share with you a step-by-step blueprint on how to kick start your career in real estate by using our proven RealTime system. Besides this, we also conduct monthly training programs and base these trainings on the current market conditions. We all know that market conditions change every now and then; therefore we need to adjust our strategies to suit the market situations.

The sales achieved by Powerful Negotiators in 2008 already prove that even in a market downturn, our team has continued to perform above expectations. This further proves that our RealTime system works!

Based on the testimonials in my website, I am proud to say that my system has helped property agents to multiply their income far beyond their expectations. As a member of Powerful Negotiators, you will not be just another agent “out there in the field”, but a bona fide property investment advisor. Your main goal when you start your journey in my team would be: “How can I help my clients to earn money in today’s market?”

By cultivating a learning culture and focusing on teamwork, our team ensures that not only do our clients benefit from making the most profitable investments, but our members also develop their analytical skills and develop as real estate investor agents.