“You Can Fly boot camp inspired & motivated me so much… Thanks to Kelvin for sharing with us how to sell the project!”

Thanks to Kelvin Fong’s tip off that Kensington is a no-brainer to sell, I immediately took action on 16 Aug to round up a few people from my inner circle of influence. And I took Kelvin’s cue to sell my buyers dreams and pre-qualify them using TDSR and showed them all the nos as to how to afford the purchase. The SST classes were a great help in this aspect. Of course I got them very excited about the project and convinced them that they should not wait to buy but buy to wait instead – before i brought them to the showflat.

Kensington Sq is a unique project. The higher quantums and bigger flats were sold out first. I was very lucky that there are units of their choice left when it came to my three buyers’ turns on balloting day as they are also targeting the larger units. And also thanks to the good support and teamwork from my two buddy co-broke agents, Ace Sun and David Yong. They are really so professional, experienced and ethical. We have such good rapport that together we were able to anchor and counter all my three buyers’ objections and get all my three groups to sign the EOIs on the spot! Ace and David have comprehensive slides in their iPad presentation including all the CMA, newspaper articles and charts so much so they impressed my buyers and further convinced them that this is a great investment.

I initially thought that I wasn’t ready to sell yet as I have only just finished attending all the various training classes and have not even have a single slide in my iPad.. Haha! So I was really amazed that working with the right partners like Ace and David and applying the selling techniques learnt from the various training courses, there is no need to wait to sell too!!!

And the recent You can Fly boot camp I attended inspired and motivated me so much that I felt compelled to act straight away. The camp consolidated all my learning from the various REAP, PPUP, PUP and SST and helped to put into perspective. Thanks to Cijay and all the unselfish seniors and top producers!!!

And thanks to Kelvin for the great tip off and sharing with us how to sell the project!

Jenny Loh

Marketing Associate