Power Selling Techniques

Power Selling Techniques

Enhance your practical skills; train yourself on effective selling techniques, and learn to influence sellers to restructure their assets in today’s market conditions with our Secrets Selling Techniques course!

If you have attended either Power Up Plus or completed previous Focus Group sessions, or simply are an existing agent who wants to upgrade your skills, join this intensive 4-day course and see your sales rise to the next level!


Day 1
1) Apply the steps to do restructuring
2) Evaluate the customers if they are qualified for 2 deals
3) Practice the calculation for restructuring deals
4) Apply the 8 Funding Techniques

Day 2
1) List 3 different types of saving plans and ways to make their clients commit
2) Apply the opening speech for creating a saving plan for their clients
3) Demonstrate the calculation for 3 different saving plan methods

Day 3
1) Identify & Understand the benefits of Restructuring
2) Demonstrate how to perform Restructuring

Day 4
1) Apply 2 ways to speak to prospect for clients
2) List 3 different types of clients and ways to make them commit
3) Demonstrate 2 ways to make your clients buy a high commission project

Learn the techniques on influencing sellers and buyers in today’s market. Practice what you have learnt through our hands-on sessions and learn how to be rewarded with more than 2% commission for achieving the desired price for your clients.

Our Selling Secret Technique course will definitely help you to multiply your income in 2015. Don’t miss it!