“Looking at my testimonials recently really beats anything‚Ķ Without you, I will not have all these testimonials & little achievements.”

Dear Kelvin/Mentor/Boss

Looking at my testimonials recently from all my restructuring clients really beats anything. Even i look at how much i clocked recently, the excitement is still not as great as reading all these testimonials from clients. Frankly, without you, I will not have all these testimonials & little achievements.

Thinking back, without your effort to bring all these secret techniques to the group, I believe Powerful Negotiators will not rise to today’s level. One thing that other team leaders will not do is You speak to bankers to understand how it can help in our business, You spend efforts putting these techniques on scripts and bring to our table. Conducting workshops to equip us with all these techniques that many agents outside don’t even know.

Most importantly is that the group strength is increasing daily and many are crossing over to leverage on our system. I believed that because of your effort, not only we create values to clients, you have created values to agents. That’s all it matters!

Your effort has not gone down the drain. Even though some in the group still not applying but I believed strongly that so long there is a handful listening & absorbing quietly in the crowd. And I’m one of them.

I never believed that how an agent can clocked more than $30k a month, but today I did it and I even exceeded. March was quite an achievement for me and Apr, I clocked $20k…. May working for a breakthrough… Whatever it is, the satisfaction is every month, I know what to do and how to do. Closing will just fall into place.

There is so much to say but I will simply summarize with a short sentence.

Please stay healthy and strong to guide us. This ship cannot sink and we will not let it sink! We are the best! Even bankers also said, only Powerful Negotiators can give that kind of mortgage loan applications to them.

Ray Lim

Associate Marketing Director