“With Powerful Negotiator open sharing platform, even an experienced agent like me learnt many new concepts which wasn’t taught before… Hitting $100k a month is a breeze now.”

Joining real estate for the 9th year, I never once felt so empowered like now to share with others the goodness I have experienced so far with powerful negotiators in Propnex. I joined real estate in 2007 with Exx company and have been a constant top 20 producer yearly in my ex-company for 7 years. There is no real reason for me to move out of my comfort zone.

But in 2013, I decided to take the leap and join Powerful Negotiators Propnex. For 2 years running, I must say taking that leap is the best thing I have done for myself so far. It is an eye opening experience and I never knew I was missing out on so much before.

My personal sales had a Great Leap Forward, with more than 2 months crossing $100k. It never cross my mind it is even possible. My highest personal sale in my ex company was only around $70-80k a month. 7 years and crossing $100k a month seems really far-fetched. With powerful negotiator open sharing platform, even an experienced agent like me learnt many new concepts which wasn’t taught before. Applying these new concepts, hitting $100k a month is a breeze now. In fact, many of my teammates earn more than $100k a month in powerful negotiators.

I now have the courage to do recruitment because I have found the right company and right platform for my Team to survive and excel in today’s tough market. My team grow from 5 to 15 people and our net production grew from $500k to $800k. The open sharing culture is Powerful negotiator is not a joke unlike my ex-company where many just keep to themselves and top producers are secretive about their success formula.

Many people may have the perception that agents from “Powerful Negotiators” must be very shrewd, strong and even aggressive as the name somehow implies.

On the contrary, you will be (even I myself am) surprised that Powerful Negotiators consist of a group of caring, compassionate and happy leaders. I never felt so much love for people in a real estate company before.

Most importantly, our top most leaders walk the talk. They are not NATO (no actions talk only). Our bosses like Ismail Gafoor, lim Lim Yong Hock and Kelvin Fong are constantly finding ways to add value to us in our personal and work developments. We are more character than commission-driven.

“Try Not Be a Man of Success, Try to Be a Man of Value.” – Albert Einstein

Shannel Liew

Associate Branch Director