Kelvin Fong Sharing @ PropNex 3QC 31 Oct 2017

Kelvin Fong Sharing on Direction for 2018 for Real Estate Agents.

31 Oct 2017 PropNex 3QC 2017 Highlights Video

Market Direction & Opportunities for 2018 Highlights Video

Outlook for Real Estate in Singapore with Kelvin Fong

Is it the right time to buy or sell now? What are the key factors to consider to buy now? What are some investment tips to determine what is the right unit to buy? Find out all of these or more in this video!

Singapore Property Outlook on Executive Condominiums

Which is better – HDB / EC? Are you ready to seize the opportunities from the EC market now?

First Timer Property Insights with Kelvin Fong with Success Legacy

Should I get a BTO/ Resale HDB/ EC/ PTE? Are you facing similar headache as well? Do U want to find out more about it? Aren’t you curious about it? This is probably be the most important decision in your life as we all knows that property is one of the most expensive asset class.

UK Investment Seminar

In this FREE Seminar, Kelvin Fong, author of Property Wealth System, will show you how he utilize the 8 Key Strategies to analyse WHY investors are putting their money in UK for their investment.